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Youth Class Page

For the Youth/Teen Hobby Lobby classes, the Youth/Teens will need to bring a sewing machine (unless they want to hand sew). I will have a set of lesson plans that we will follow for the classes. So, we may learn to make a skirt and/or apron the first classes. You will be given a supply list on sign up. You must purchase fabric and supplies at Hobby Lobby for our classes. (Adult students may already have some supplies and that is fine). Please pre-wash all fabric before bringing it into first class day. We may have a "shop" day for beginner 101 classes. Please check our class schedule for more information! The youngest I will take will depend on how long a child can sit still for an hour or more at a time. If the child is 7 and can sit still, then he/she can come to the class. If not, please do not enroll your child. Classes are 4 lessons for $60 plus materials. Classes may last as long as 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I will give a break. The oldest I will take for youth class is age 18. I might do a college student sewing 101 class if demand for it.

Thanks so much.

Julie Larsen

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